Loooogle - Like Google but with free adverts and privacy whilst searching. 

Loooogle.com - The Free Advert Search

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Loooogle uses Google Custom Search plus Yahoo.com, Bing, plus full web search data - Private and free advertisements for everyone!

HOW TO GET YOUR FREE ADVERT Email: advert@loooogle.com to recieve a welcome pack including guide advert designs and templates. 


We will place any advert for a service / business or person offering skills providing some simple guidelines are honoured.


Your service / business / skills advertisment do not contain:

- Content unsuitable for younger people

- Content that could offend a particular person or group of people

- Content containing abusive language; or could be perceived as negative language to any particular group.


Put simply, keep it happy, promote positive things that will help people find your service and present it in a way most likely to interest people. Above all, this gains respect for your advertisement.


Full terms and conditions can be obtained by emailing: terms@loooogle.com

Any questions please email info@loooogle.com.


Thank you.

Loooogle.com - The Free Advert Search

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